How to register as a customer?

In Trendy Rush web, there’s right upper account button you can press. To register by putting in your email address. A register link will be send through to your email address. It may take a few minutes to receive depending on current internet level.

How to retrieve back my password?

In Trendy Rush login page, there’s a forgot password, you can click and put right email address in, then in a few minutes you will receive password reset link.

How can I register for the newsletter?

When you enter in the website, we have a popup you can enter information to subscribe our newsletter. If you don’t see it, please click the left upper Subscribe To Our Newsletter button.

How do I contact if I’m a wholesaler, and I want to sell or distribute Trendy Rush styles and goods?

We welcome professional business partner freely to contact us; all our product is real gold and real platinum plating with 316 stainless steel. After you become our business partner we will supply full display stands and display prop to you freely. More Information please click right upper Loyalty Program to enter your information, we will have a specialized colleague to contact you with detail.


How do I place an order?

Please log in by using your account. Use the ‘add to cart’ button to add products to your shopping cart. Once you’re done shopping, click on the shopping cart in the upper right corner to get an overview of your order. Please check the products in your cart and your personal details carefully and update them if needed. Finally, select your preferred payment mode and finalize your order. We will proceed your order right away when we receive.

Is it possible to reorder items?

Through pre-orders it is possible to pre-order our newest publishing styles. These style you will get first time when it comes out.

What is the minimum order value?

Great news! Starting from 01-12-2023, we have no minimum order amount. Order as much or as little as you like and enjoy our products without mandatory minimum requirements.

Is it possible to cancel or adjust my order after placing it?

It is not possible to cancel finalized orders.  Items in your confirmed order cannot be exchanged nor can items be added to a finalized order. Any additions to your order need to be placed on a separate order.

I bought a product for the original price, but it is on discount the next day. Can I get the difference back?

If you purchased a product from us for the original purchase price and it is discounted a few days later, we will not refund the discount amount. What is possible is that you reorder the products for the discount amount and return the others. The return costs are at your own expense. We make no exceptions to this.