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316L stainless steel

The discovery of a sovereign material

316L stainless steel is the material of choice for TrendyRush jewellery. In addition to the fact that it is completely hypoallergenic due to the absence of nickel, it is its stainless properties that make it a remarkable material. The robust and durable quality of this alloy is attributed to its composition, which includes more than 10.5% chromium, a metal that is highly resistant to oxidation and rust. Forget all your worries about the sensitivity of your skin, about wearing our jewellery when swimming in the sea or under the shower. TrendyRush jewellery can be worn for a long time and is suitable for the hectic daily life of the modern woman !

Laying gold by

Ionisation gold plating is a process that consists of fixing the precious metal by spraying on a piece of jewellery placed in a vacuum. This method allows to obtain a gilding of an irreproachable quality, guaranteeing a great resistance and a superb glare.

Laser cutting and
engraving of metal

The 316L steel is laser cut and engraved. This process allows us to create all types of shapes and engravings on our rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings to bring a fineness of detail that we would not be able to achieve without these new technologies.

Laying the stones

Stones have a very special place in our creations. We love them to bits. In order to be able to set them on the metal according to the drawings of our creator, they are cut by the expert hands of our craftsmen in our own Chinese workshops. We always choose the most beautiful part of the raw stones that we finely work in order to give shape to pendants, cabochons or any other silhouettes that embrace and sublimate our ravishing jewels.


Once the stones are cut and calibrated, we hand thread them onto metal cords to create necklaces and bracelets that will add a rainbow of color to your look !

Crimping and

Setting is the act of attaching the stones to the structure of the jewel. This stage of the creation requires immense dexterity. It is a meticulous job that is done by hand. The craftsman is helped by a magnifying glass to place and fix the stone on the setting.
Soldering one piece of metal to another also requires similar precision. Our jewellery, which is often very fine, is rarely cast but is worked with the help of soldering to fix different and decorative elements on the piece, or simply the clasps of our chains.


What we call shaping mainly concerns rings, bracelets or hoop earrings. In order to create the curves necessary for the creation of an ornament, the steel, previously cut into long strips, is placed by hand under a press to round it.

Pure creation

The creation of our jewellery is an almost instantaneous and gushing process. Michelle chooses a metal base, a shape, an idea for a design that she finds during a walk or a trip. The creative world of TrendyRush Jewelry is impulsively built on the desire of the moment and the inspiration of the day. This fresh and unrestrained way of

creating is reinvented over time. For Michelle, inspiration is like the air she breathes, it flows in and feeds her constantly, which is why TrendyRush Jewelry collections are so vast and diversified.